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  • Home security systems made easy :)

    Sorry we can't just give the answer if only it were that simple. Although we can't blurt it out, we can give you a few things to look out for when shopping for a Home security camera system.

    Probably the first thing to consider is do you want your system to be digital or analogue. consider digital the smarter of the two by factors of 10. Digital cameras connected over ethernet are capable of dual streaming simultaneously. A handy tool if you want the camera to start recording when it hears a sound. Like a voice or a cigarette lighter. Features like this would be not impossible to do with analogue, just quite expensive. Thanks to a rapid uptake of digital camera systems globally we have seen the price of these systems fall dramatically in recent years.

    Here are a few tips to think about.

    What are your objectives?
    We find this is the key question when it comes to helping peopple with security. Every one has a need when they speak to up but not all are the same.

    What do you want the cameras to record?
    This question helps you think about where to locate a camera so that it will deliver the best result. The best result may not be a nice wide angle view of the sprawling back yard. In the event of anything happening near or under that camera it is vital that as much detail is captured in the image. This is where knowing your location like only you do needs to decide on things like lens choice, (variable or fixed lens. Fixed lets in a lot more light.) do you want it to be on guard at night as well? If so and the area is relatively well lit by ambient city lighting. A good infra red (IR) camera will do the job.

    Is the camera likely to be targeted by vandals?
    If the answer to this is even a possible yes, then you'll need a vandal dome and not a bullet. We have all seen the wires torn through a wall when someone pulled a bullet camera off a wall.

    The recorder?
    This is the nerve center of all centralised surveillance systems. It is here that all the magic happens. Images get processed sorted and filled away for later retrieval. The recorder will have encrypted software installed that communicates with the cameras and stores the videos.

    How much storage are you going to need for the system.
    Depending on your scenario all systems differ slightly by think of how many days you'd like to have on video before the footage is lost and over written. 


    Spider Electronic Security have a number of 4 and 8 camera CCTV systems that are ideal for domestic installation.  These have many of the features you would expect from one of our larger commercial CCTV systems but at a price that won’t break the bank.  All our domestic systems have full internet capability and can be expanded to include additional security devices such as perimeter beam sensors and infrared proximity detectors with security lighting options available.

    All installation work is carried out to the highest standards and all our installers a fully insured and all work is checked prior to final commissioning.