• “Off Grid” – Mobile CCTV Systems

  • CCTV anywhere any time 365 days a year

    If you need eyes on the ground in a remote location Spider can help. Our unique 4G/3G mobile CCTV system will allow you to monitor your assets or projects any time day or night from any internet connection. A PTZ camera function will let you scan the area from any location, saving you time and money. Whether you have access to power or not we can have a system up and running for you so you have eyes on the ground anywhere at any time. Talk to us about our rental options today.

    The benefits of a “mobile” CCTV system can be considerable and allow the cost effective installation of CCTV on a temporary basis, or at a remote location where it would not be practical to install a permanent internet connection.

    Spider Electronic Security are experts in the design and implementation mobile 3G & 4G CCTV solutions.  Some of our most popular mobile CCTV solutions include:

    Farm CCTV solutions – 3G enables cameras to be installed in remote rural locations such as barns and calving sheds where there is no power and no internet connectivity.

    Construction sites – 3G mobile CCTV systems will allow you to ensure the security of your site, plant and materials.  In addition to this, it can be very beneficial in ensuring your staff are adhering to appropriate health and safety practices etc. Have your system set for time laps recording to overview the project progress. Adding a remote weather station to our system lets you know when to pull your team off site in high winds etc. 

    Market stalls food trucks – a mobile CCTV system enables you to remotely monitor the activity of any mobile or temporary structure (providing that there is suitable mobile network coverage).

    Empty Buildings – a temporary CCTV system can provide an excellent deterrent against theft and vandalism.  Your CCTV system can be set up to communicate with you in the event that there is unexpected movement in your building reducing the need for “on-site” security.  The system can be reinstalled in a different location at a later date.

    In many cases there may be a significant reduction in your insurance premium.