• Value Added Turn Key Service

  • Our Three Step Process

    Being the kind of company that doesn't put you through hoops we offer a comprehensive site analysis report prior to any work being carried out. Home and business security systems are of no value to anyone if they are out of order. We have in the field technicians with many years experience in their profession. We'll be there every step of the way so you get the kind of service you deserve. Solutions that make a positive difference and matter to you.

    Step 1: Our process begins with our detailed Site Audit conducted by our professional security consultants. Each site is different and unique so we have an approach tailored to addressing the needs and concerns of our customers. The information gathered during their site visit forms the backbone of the system design, which is tailored to deliver the kind of results expected of a professional security service.

    Step 2: We then provide a detailed report along with specifications, costing and installation time frame for you to go over and evaluate. We find the best approach is a consultative one and not a "salesy" one. We prefer working together with our clients to achieve the best outcome. Their protection and peace of mind. 

    Step 3: Once a plan has been finalised and in installation time frame has been set the next step is where we deliver on our promises and live up to expectations. The installation process always depends on the site but we commit to completing all installation work on time if not we offer a financial pay back to our customers for any time we run over.   

    Where appropriate, out-of-hours installations can be arranged to avoid disruption to your business.

  • System servicing

    A faulty system can sometimes become so annoying that it simply gets ignored and over time gathers dust on a wall. Well what's the point of that? Sometimes sitting idle for years.

    This is very common with new home owners. After buying a property with a "working" security system many home buyers are disappointed to learn that their system needs a bit of TLC. The best step to take at this point would not be to turn it off in the hope that it goes away. Your best bet is to get a competent technician on site to diagnose the fault and make recommendations on the steps it will take to bring the system  back on line and properly secure your asset.There are many security companies around who will do a great job for you and all at varying rates. Some if not most will charge a "call out or service fee." Not Spider, No we would prefer to help more people in a day than to charge a fee for sitting in traffic listening to the latest auto tuned track being repeatedly played.

    We must point out though that some legacy systems are too far gone though and spare parts are no longer in production. However, this is a very small category of systems. Most can be revived at relatively low cost.

  • In step with our market

    Our clients place a lot of faith in us to serve them with integrity and trust us to do the right thing. As a standard of practice we don't trial new technology on our clients. All the systems we offer have undergone extensive industry testing on site in several locations and are all approved for use in the Australian market. Our technicians install all our systems in strict accordance with the Australian Standards AS/CA S009:2013, AS/NZ 2201 and AS/NZ 4806 and continually undergo further training to keep pace with an ever changing digital landscape.

    We take the time to up skill so you don't have to.