• Home and Business Security

  • For peace of mind Spider Electronic Security has a wide range of state of the art control systems and motion sensors chosen specifically for their proven reliability in the field and their ease of installation. As technology advances the modern security system offers far more than. "If this then this... "(In the case of alarms a bell would ring and it would call out...)"

    The modern systems can offer a wide array of additional features that can integrate into any home and expand its capability into a home automation hub. Today's control panels communicate either with you directly or to a A1 grade security monitoring bunker.

    All the Spider staff come from a background in either military or security, we are passionate our industry and continually work on growing our knowledge base so we can better advise our clients.

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  • Spider Electronic Security is an expert in the field of securing your business. We take a unique approach to business security by starting from the outside and working towards the heart of your operation. Our unique approach provides our clients with a written report about the threats they face and a detailed plan and site plan of how we can address each threat. With wireless and hard wired technology creating a mesh like invisible web across your entire business.

    Our licensed technicians are trained and undergo continual upgrading to stay up to date with changing technology so you don't have to.

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