• Business and Commercial Security sollutions for the digital age

  • Layers of Protection

    For the best results try looking at your security measures as a set of layers. A well executed security plan should also allow for system integration across multiple service, all working in tandem. Think of security as an invisible web that communicates not only between different devices on the network but most of all providing you and professional agencies with the kind of information they need to take immediate action. You shouldn't be let down by technology when its needed most.

    Several elements, including costs and aesthetics, will factor into a measured, common-sensical security measures. But putting those measures in place first requires a thorough security assessment. Understanding the security environment and identifying likely threats enables you to make informed choices on everything from the location to the specific security features and devices, such as alarms, lighting, access control measures and surveillance recording as well as fences, guards and monitoring services.

    Because there is a lot at stake it is always best to talk to engage a professional consultant who is trained in all aspects and will be able to guide you through the process and detail a security plan for you to implement without over committing valuable resources.  


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  • Access Control

    Knowing who's coming and going and where people are in your building offers a layer of protection linked to many aspects of the modern business environment. From workplace health and safety issues to securing trade secrets by managed access to certain areas within your business are all important measures to consider. One example is a simple access control device placed on a store room door can save a business the grief of having to deal with pilfering and stock losses. Our unique stand alone solution is perfectly scaleable and lets you run it on any device,  access the information you need from anywhere at anytime. 

  • Intruder Alarms

    If a break in occurs a well designed Alarm system should act as an invisible barrier that alerts the right people, informing them of an unfolding situation. Professional monitoring is an important feature to consider, offering peace of mind to the user that a trained professional is always on the ready to act on your instructions in the correct manner. 

    Spider Security offers 24/7 Professional monitoring for as little as $1.00/ day

  • Digital Seurveillance HD CCTV

    Pictures tell a thousand words. But blurry grainy pictures say nothing and are totally useless! CCTV technology has undergone some massive improvements in the last decade. Digital recording now offers like for like footage retrieval that's easy to locate and only takes seconds to download.

    HD cameras and recorders offer the astute business owner and manager a usable tool  that's loaded with features and benefits. Certain decisions are easier to make with the right evidence at your fingertips.

    Unlike many in the industry, we take you through a 116 point security check list before and design work is done. That way we know that nothing is left to chance.

  • 116 Point Security Assesmnet

    Being the kind of company that doesn't put you through hoops we offer a comprehensive site analysis report prior to any work being carried out. We'll be there every step of the way so you get the kind of service you deserve. Solutions that matter to you.

  • Tried and tested technology

    We don't trial new technology on our clients. All the systems we offer have undergone extensive industry testing on site in several locations and are all approved for use in the Australian market. Our technicians install all our systems in strict accordance with the Australian Standards AS/CA S009:2013, AS/NZ 2201 and AS/NZ 4806