• Affordable

  • Customer service over Profit

    Its a fine line sometimes but at Spider Electronic Security we work on all aspects of a security solution for our clients and constantly strive to push the envelope in terms of new technologies.

    Technology changes so rapidly and in the security space it's a constant. We embrace the changes and advancements made and often recognise the cost saving passed on to clients by new technologies. In the CCTV world alone recent advancements mean that the time spent viewing recorded footage to find the evidence needed now takes minutes or in some cases seconds. Where as in the not to distant passed it may have taken hours.

    Video clarity has evolved into the new era of High Definition and cameras are packed with some very smart design software and hardware that enables them to work in areas where only a few years ago it was impossible to get the same image quality from the same angle and position.

    What all this means for our clients is that with new technology we can offer some real savings on the latest solution available and because we offer a complete service from design to install and maintenance our clients need not look elsewhere for third party assistance. We are a one stop shop.